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It's not about us, it's about you

This page is titled “About Us,” but that might be a little misleading, because our service is really all about you! Working with a coach is a great decision but choosing the right one isn't always easy. Have a read below and see how our approach could benefit you, as well as bringing real, tangible returns to your organisation. Also, check out our Solutions page to see how we can best meet your requirements or just book a no obligation call to talk through and see if we're a good fit.

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Meet Our Founder

Maria has a rich professional history with a diverse executive and board-level background spanning various sectors. Her expertise lies in leadership, organisational change, and the development of workplace cultures that drive financial success.

Having operated at board level across multiple organisations, Maria played a crucial role in shaping companies strategies, contributing to EBITDA growth, and optimising revenue. Her leadership has extended to successfully overseeing multiple departments, achieving financial targets, and fostering high-performing teams aligned with corporate goals.

Maria has proven success in cultural and people change initiatives. As the creator of the Sustainable Culture ModelTM, she employs an innovative approach to leverage culture as a driver of organisational success, focusing on maximising business value.

In her current capacity as an independent culture and leadership coach and non-executive director, Maria is renowned for assisting businesses to implement strategies that drive valuation and sustainable growth. She is actively involved in mentoring small businesses, facilitating peer groups for leaders and delivering insightful talks on the impactful role of culture in driving financial growth.

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How Can I Help?


I'm here to support your organisation in building, developing and nurturing an extraordinary culture and see the individuals within it fulfilled, trusted and collaborative. Using the methodology of the Sustainable Culture ModelTM, I'll help you:


Define your core values and live them in your work

Define your vision and clearly communicate your strategy


Reduce attrition and absence

Improve trust

Increase productivity


Become sustainable, inclusive and collaborative

Futureproof your Communication plan


Recognise and reward your staff

Foster a sense of community

Have your team collaborating across departments


There are so many more reasons why, as a leadership coach, based in Manchester but serving the entire UK, I can work with you to drive the fantastic culture that your business needs to succeed. If you're ready to learn more, book your free, no-obligation consultation today and let's chat!

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Our Values 


We are dynamic and our passion is contagious! We create space to dream, innovate and explore, sharing our ideas and information generously.


We are committed to sustainability both in terms of financial growth as well as ethically and environmentally.


We are inclusive, supportive and we empower each other with mentorship, encouragement and self-belief.


We care enough to always do the right thing, even when it takes great courage. We are transparent, authentic and trustworthy, always.


Looking for A Leadership Coach in Manchester?

Whether you're in the area or anywhere else in the UK (or maybe further afield), we can support you. Click the link below to get started!

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